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oso de cabarcena

Park of Cabárcena

The Cabárceno Nature Park is neither a conventional zoo nor a natural park. It is a space naturalized by the hand of man, from the primitive beauty of its karstic landscape, on the 750 ha of an old open-cast mining operation. In the Cabárceno Nature Park, life takes place in the most natural environment possible for the animals that inhabit it. Except for the food that is provided to them, the rest of the activities are marked by their almost total freedom and instinct. Virtually all of them trigger fights and fights in mating season for control of the females and of course, except for the survival instinct, the rest of their senses are as wild as in their natural habitat.

Fuente Dé

It is an impressive glacial cirque, whose name is due to the presence of the source where the Deva River is born. It is also the entrance to the Eastern Massif of the Picos de Europa. It is essential to get on the cable car to the Mirador del Cable.

In the heart of the Picos de Europa National Park, the Fuente Dé Cable Car overcomes a drop of 753 meters, and takes the traveler to an altitude of 1,823 meters in just 4 minutes, at a speed of 10 m/s. From the upper station the visitor will be overwhelmed by a landscape of immense beauty.

dos telefericos al fondo de una montaña
cueva del soplao

Cave Soplao

The cave was discovered by chance in 1908 by members of the La Florida Mining Group when they excavated the La Isidra tunnel, which would begin the underground advance of the exploitation. The network of natural galleries was quickly used as a means of communication between the different work areas, transporting people and ore. It also helped provide oxygen to the mining galleries. Luckily the cave and its formations were largely respected. This owes its name to the mining term that refers to the air that can be perceived when a new gallery is dug, the cavities that created strong air currents.

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